Honesty Wins SuperBowl, The End

By Matt Van Hoven 

Oh the Super Bowl was last night? That’s funny, all I can remember is an endless stream of advertisements, sponsorship mentions and CBS promos wrapped around 12 minutes of game play. Unfortunately, I have no recollection of what I’m supposed to buy/do now.

So rather than write an analysis of the work, I’ll save time and list the stuff I can remember &#151 cuz, you know, real people don’t take notes. OK so I did jot some things, but they’re scribbly + uninteresting x four-pages-front-and-back. Take this away: the work I remember had some element of simple honesty. If you think about it, that and trust are the things that help us remember people’s names. Insert Latin phrase for “if you build it, they will come.” Wait that’s not right.

&#151 Betty White and Abe Vigoda were priceless &#151 via BBDO

&#151 Megan Fox made a guy fall off a ladder &#151 via Anomaly

&#151 David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno made the only CBS promo worth a hoot.

&#151 CareerBuilder’s “casual” day reminded us all not to put up with bullshit &#151 Via (someone fill in the blank here)

&#151 The winner for me was Google. Simple, straightforward, and understanding of how I use their product, this piece seemed only to want to reinforce why we’re together. And it worked &#151 via in-house?

&#151 Honorable mention goes to the Dodge Charger spot and David & Goliath’s Kia: Joyride Dream.