Honda Tries to Keep the Wheels Turning on Drive-In Theaters

By Jordan Teicher Comment

Cool news out of Honda camp: The American branch of the Japanese automaker is attempting to revive the dying drive-in theater industry with Project Drive-In, an awareness campaign that will provide five drive-in theaters with new digital projectors. Currently, about half of the 368 drive-ins still operating in America may be forced to close in the next few years unless they switch to digital projects to support the technology used for most new releases. New digital projectors cost between $75k-$100k, which as you may be able to guess, isn’t chump change for theaters that mostly exist in Middle America.

Honda, teaming with its longtime ally RPA, launched the super-duper social flood on the usual networks and has anchored it all to for users who want to donate, spread the word, vote on theaters to save, etc. And even if the good press will ultimately fail to save the obsolete drive-in theater industry, kudos to Honda for jumping in with both feet anyway.