Home Depot Unveils New Logo. April Fools?

By Bob Marshall 

In one of the few non-April Fool’s Day-related items of brand news (we think), Home Depot is officially dropping the “The” from its name and revealing a new logo.

While still retaining the company’s orange, stencil-based design, the logo follows the trend of recent, minimalistic re-branding efforts from large companies like Starbucks, Comedy Central and Seattle’s Best Coffee. An official press release from the company explains the motivations behind the update, saying, “Our continued commitment to our customers over the last thirty years is reflected in the new logo. Retaining the recognizable orange square extends the history of the company into the twenty-first century while the revised, open-ended lettering communicates our pledge to be accessible to our customers. The new logo honors our history and involvement in the local communities we serve.”


A post on Under Consideration takes a deeper look into the logo switch and how it will effect Home Depot branding efforts. Indeed, the 33-year-old company was in need of a branding update. What say you, dear readers? Does “H” tickle your home improvement fancy?