Hill Holliday Balances The Lines

By SuperSpy 

Hill Holliday’s client, Rockport Shoes, is ready to release their 2008 collection. The Adidas brand will launch its associated campaign, “Live in Rockport in more than 60 countries worldwide. The common theme among the print ads is people living their lives in a pair of “authentic and sophisticated” Rockports.

“The ‘Live in Rockport’ campaign connects the Rockport brand to the global metropolitan consumer in an authentic and visually compelling way, said Michael Rupp, Rockport CEO and president.

Yet, the Rockport logo and tagline, “The Differences Inside,” will continue to be used in all advertising, product packaging and branding. We never understand having two taglines in one ad. From the images, you can see that Hill Holliday tried to bring the two taglines together – “The Differences Inside” meets “Live In…”

Doug Gould, Hill Holliday SVP, Associate Creative Director said, “We collaborated to create a campaign that brings that message to life and marries shoe and lifestyle imagery in a unique way.

You just know the brand didn’t want to let go of the original line, but wanted something, you know… fresh, new, something to make the brand stand out. Doug and his team probably gave them fresh. Served up new on a platter. Ah, sigh… you know how CMO’s roll. The probably took on look at ‘fresh’ and went knock kneed. It’s not easy being the ad agency. Seriously.