Hill Holliday Experiment Shows Cable TV’s Still King for Some

By Michael Musco 

Hill Holliday recently did a little “cord cutting” experiment on five Boston families, who were each asked to give up traditional cable TV in favor of either Apple TV, Google TV, Boxee Box, Xbox 360 or Roku. How did it turn out for these five families?

As you will see in the video above, they were not too thrilled with having their cable taken away. Aside from slow loading/buffering and lack of HD, the families were confused and frustrated not having access to regular programming (ABC,NBC, talk shows, sitcoms, soaps, etc.). People are used to surfing through channels until they stumble across something of interest, something that’s not granted on these modern modules. Aren’t modern technological devices supposed to make our lives easier? Techcrunch’s Crunchgear section provides lengthier analysis of the experiment. Still, to be fair, is one week a sufficient amount of time to change behavioral patterns in the average person? Not really, we think.


Update: Hill Holliday’s own Ilya Vedrashko has more insight on the cord cutting project here.