Hey! That’s A Good Point!

By SuperSpy 

We’d like to start today off with a simple shout-out to Beyond Madison Advertising for their post titled, “Not Everyone Is An Upscale Urban, 20something, Male, Hipster.”

“Now this theory is fine when you’re advertising beer or running shoes. But since most products advertised aren’t beer or running shoes, we quickly find ourselves in trouble: we’re talking with one voice to an audience who speaks with another. And whether it’s TV, print or online (okay, especially online), the messages we’re putting out there are “we don’t really know you, our customers. We don’t really care what you think is cute or funny or emotional. We only care what’s cool and hip (by our standards) so get used to it.

Head over to the actual piece to read the rest of the gems. Berlin Cameron? We’re looking at you.