Hey, Here’s an Ad with a Ton of Copy!

By Bob Marshall 

It’s rare we see print ads in the 21st century with a ton of copy. In fact, the last ad in recent memory that had this much copy (Taco Bell rants notwithstanding) wasn’t an “ad” in the truest sense. Instead, it was that newspaper plea to the ad industry from Droga5 we saw in December.

That’s why it was so wonderfully refreshing to see the above ad for Hush Puppies Oxford shirts that a tipster brought to our attention. Created by Planet Ads & Design out of Singapore (where the ad ran), this Hush Puppies print ad rewards readers with an interesting a funny narrative about an salesman who takes his Oxford shirt from the office to a night on the town. “Ode to an Oxford Shirt” brings us back to a time where print copy meant much more than a secondary tagline. It kind of makes you remember the versatility of an Oxford shirt, doesn’t it? Credits and another ad follow after the jump.


Agency Planet Ads & Design
Copywriters Philip Kor / Suzanne Lauridsen
Art Director Shahril Supangat
Creative Director Hal Suzuki