Here’s Your Carter Murray Memo Regarding Latest DFCB News

By Kiran Aditham 

You might’ve heard this yesterday, but here’s the verbatim memo from now-official Draftfcb global CEO, Carter Murray, regarding staff. You might have read about Elyssa Phillips’s appointment as global creative manager, but there’s also Jonathan Harries. From what we’ve been told by sources in the know, Harries until recently had been planning to leave the agency at the end of this year. As part of that transition, we’ve been told that Harries, despite being named executive advisor, global creative back in Oct. 2011 at DFCB, was still parting ways. Well, now what we’ve got some clarification on the exec, who, among other things, is consulting on Mondelez at Draftfcb and is behind the agency nabbing the Beiersdorf account, eventually running it globally after it was consolidated with Draftfcb following the pitch against TBWA at the end of 2010. Here you go from the Murray himself:

“To Everyone at Draftfcb
Re Two Great People

One of the enjoyable parts of this job is recognizing great people. This note is about two individuals who have worked incredibly hard at this agency for many years and whom I have asked to take on more responsibility on behalf of all of us.


I do not know how to work without a strong creative partner and, more importantly, I do not believe that this agency should operate for one day without a Global Chief Creative Officer. In Jonathan Harries we have someone who can do this role flawlessly: someone who respects, attracts and motivates great talent. Jonathan is also someone whom many clients have expressed great respect for over his career.

In my early conversations with Jonathan, his passion for this company and his care for our people and our clients run deep. I have found that we also have similar points of view on great work, and on the importance for us to get this consistently out the door in every office.

Looking forward, Jonathan will lead the charge, with my full partnership and support, to make sure that we have an unfair share of creative talent, that we are unwavering in making certain that we never rest in getting the best creative solutions in front of our clients, and that we apply our creativity more effectively to build our client base further.

The other person that I have asked to step into a larger role is Elyssa Phillips.

Elyssa is someone who has worked tirelessly at FCB and later Draftfcb for 20+ years.  Most recently she has managed to help build the creative network in the company.  Awards are not everything, but they are a good measure of progress, and if you speak to anyone in our creative community, you will hear that she has been a pivotal part of the agency doubling its performance in Cannes for the last three years.

Since meeting Elyssa, she has always spoken of and put others before herself. She has demonstrated the hardest thing in a global role – to make a difference through earned respect and persuasion, not through force of title.

Elyssa knows and loves this agency and, together with her very broad skill set, is a huge asset for us. So I have asked her to become our Chief of Staff.

Elyssa will be a sounding board for me on key decisions and also a driving force to make sure that I and the global leadership team are as effective as possible in our jobs. She will also remain in her role to help make sure that we are relentless in constantly wanting to improve our creative product and in managing our network’s creative community.

There is a lot to do in the coming months and I believe that having these two people in these roles will make us a stronger and better place. If you have a moment, I hope you will have a chance to congratulate them.

Best as always,