Here’s Today’s Quickfire Super Bowl Ad Q+A, this Time with Wing CCO, Renata Florio

By Kiran Aditham 

Ask and ye shall receive as our Super Bowl-related agency inquiries keep pouring in. Our latest quick Q+A is with Renata Florio, who’s spent the last 18 months serving as chief creative officer at Grey Group unit, Wing. Prior to her current gig, the Brazilian native served as ECD at StrawberryFrog Sao Paulo. Anyhow, let’s talk Super Bowl, shall we?

Though plenty have already been revealed, what ads are you most excited about and/or looking forward to this Super Bowl?

I’m most looking forward to watching the Coke Chase follow up. I have seen the Coke Chase online, so I’m very curious about the follow-up spot that will run right after the game, showing who won the competition according to the Facebook fans’ choice.

Is the ever-increasing Super Bowl ad cost really worth what’s now $4 million a spot?

When it comes to a memorable opportunity as the Super Bowl break, there’s no expensive/not expensive discussion. It’s all about heart value, mind share and a recall that can last forever. The Super Bowl is such an important “catwalk” of the TV advertising business that’s it’s worth every cent.

How important are the digital tie-ins to the TV spots, i.e. mobile and social, is value increasing?

You can’t talk Super Bowl today without planning Social Media engagement. People already say “Have you seen on Facebook the Super Bowl ad that Coke will show in the actual Super Bowl?” It’s a weird sentence but a true and exciting reality. Super Bowl begins online now.

What do you think about the Pepsi/Beyoncé crowd-sourced halftime show promo?

I think the promo with Beyonce is great. It goes all around: social media, Times Square, the Super Bowl itself. It’s really a great initiative. I wish I had done it.

Is it an advantage or disadvantage to releasing ads to social media ahead of time?

No doubt there are only advantages. Getting people to promote your ads is the most beautiful thing a brand can expect. Before you air a commercial you already made it famous. It’s beautiful.

Your fave/least fave Super Bowl ads ever?

I would like to mention two. One is from a long time ago:  1984 for Apple. It’s unforgettable and still proves that you don’t need to say anything and can still say everything about a brand. The other one is from last year’s Super Bowl:   the E- trade baby. Simple and genius. It got everyone to talk about it right away. I like it so much that I hate it.