Here’s Proof that QR Codes Will Kill Us All

By Bob Marshall 

If you’re in the advertising or marketing industry and active on Twitter, odds are you’ll see someone link to an article titled something like “5 Innovative New Uses for QR Codes” every day. People just really, really want them to work, even though they just haven’t really “caught on” yet. Not for lack of trying though, as the general public is forced to ignore a growing number of these things everyday (unless you think throwing one on a bus as part of a bank ad makes sense).

Thankfully, someone decided to make an entire freaking music video about them. The above video is for Shin-B’s latest jam, “Get Up and Go,” and features a ton of QR codes that lead to various prizes and giveaways. In a press release sent to us by video director DuNo Tran, he says, “It’s simply an exciting way to get viewers and fans to enjoy the mystery of what is behind each QR barcode as they watch the video.” In this case, it’s just going to be something to iChat to other creatives in your office, later responding to their reactions by saying, “I know, right? What the hell.” We also compelled to mention that this track was produced by Twitch, the same guy who produced Raekwon’s “Can’t Hide It.”

Challenge: How much of the video can you get through?