Here’s One Thing to Do With an Agency During the Pandemic: Turn It Into a Bar

By Doug Zanger 

As we pursued LinkedIn at the end of the day, we noticed that Frances Webster, co-founder and CEO of Walrus in New York, visited the office. It was a decidedly empty-looking affair, but, the good news is that it looks like people are making their way back, ever so slowly,

One social agency in Seattle decided that it couldn’t wait to welcome people back. So, Crown Social, they of clients such as Amazon, Dell and Zillow, decided to turn its office into a cocktail lounge. The Crown Social Distancing Club (Seattle likes quirky stuff and punny names for things, see: fruit rockets, The Grill From Ipanema, Fiddler on the Tooth) office space was converted with “five comfy, spacious living room-style vignettes.” We’re assuming that “vignettes” means five separate areas to chill.

Set in Seattle’s South Lake Union, home to Amazon and three-hour Lyft rides that cover half a mile, the space is connected to the shop’s Gold Bar cocktail lounge and restaurant. According to the company, it is the first West Coast restaurant to sign the Safe Eats Pledge, a designation for restaurants with high safety standards during the pandemic.


Each “vignette” (it’s growing on us; we’re going to start using that term more) is amply spaced out and sanitized after each use. The building’s HVAC was updated with a HEPA filter and an Aerus Air Scrubber to remove surface contaminants and rid the room of pathogens. And services, such as menus and payments, are touchless.

“Our goal for Gold Bar is to build community, and we are doing all we can to keep our community of customers, staff, DJs and more healthy and safe,” said Crown Social founder Zach Huntting. “We joined Safe Eats because their rigorous safety and hygiene guidelines are coming from what thus far has been the most impacted area of the country, and we appreciate that their guidelines go above and beyond what most governments are recommending.”

In addition to the indoor space, there’s also an outdoor patio with chaise lounges and a dog pool. And, since this is Seattle, the Crown Social Distancing Club has ambient music from local DJs who may or may not have been the creative lead on a campaign or two.

Earlier this year, Crown Social launched its first-ever bespoke product that fits the milieu: Baby Boo’s, a line of bottled cocktails that are available for home delivery.