Here’s How to (Allegedly) Break into Advertising

By Patrick Coffee 

Jason Scott, who has worked as an integrated creative at Wieden+Kennedy London for the past year, knows how to get into advertising.

How do we know that he knows? Because he’s created a related “single-serving site” page in the style of “Barack Obama is your new bicycle” called “Ways to get into advertising” — and today he’s been tweeting its jokes directly at the agencies mentioned therein.

Now we’re going to give him a little more attention.

First, Scott’s advice for applying to what we assume is TBWA\Chiat\Day LA:

Chiat Day

That probably won’t work thanks to the speed of modern paternity testing. Still…




Droga5 (with a variation on the lineage joke):

Mother New York:


For the most part, we haven’t seen the agencies themselves respond to Scott’s jokes…presumably because they’re all too busy listening to panel speakers a few blocks from our office.

Here’s an exception from Fred & Farid Group:

There’s a bit of repetition in the meme to be sure, but so far we’d say A- for effort because everyone knows you can’t just give out straight A’s all willy-nilly.

How accurate are his claims, though?