Here’s Bud Light’s $299 ‘Smart Fridge’

By Patrick Coffee 

Bud Light loves Adweek so much that its team sent our colleagues not one but TWO fancy new “smart” fridges–which can be yours RIGHT NOW for the low price of $299.

In case you weren’t aware, the Bud-E Fridge basically does everything for you, because you’re kind of dumb. From the release:

“The Bud-E Fridge app allows users to register their favorite NFL teams, receive updates when the game is approaching, and will also provide an update on the Bud-E Fridge’s supply levels, making sure they’re always stocked for game day.”

Here is the object as it sits in some office, complete with 10 Buds.

bud light

It basically just tells you how many beers are in there and how cold they are. But it’s kind of a Bud Light-exclusive delivery system (though one of our colleagues MAY have used it to store a bottle of Absolut). See how it’s more like a vending machine than a standard fridge? Otherwise it wouldn’t have all that helpful data.

bud light 3

Note the temperature range.

bud light chill

The app does promise to do some kind of cool things like connect to beer-delivery service Saucey…if you happen to live in L.A., S.F. or San Diego.

Said app (which we have yet to download) also allegedly lets you know how long you’ll have to wait until your Bud Light is drinkable, or as close to frozen solid as it can possibly be while still technically qualifying as a liquid. Most importantly, the fridge comes with the #upforwhatever tag printed on the side in case you and your bros forget it when you schedule your sponsored tweets.

Here’s Vayner Media explaining why this is absolutely the coolest thing to happen since American football went professional.

If that’s not going to increase market share then we don’t know what will, dammit.