Here Are Tony Weisman’s Thoughts on Bjorkman’s Departure

By Kiran Aditham 

As you may have heard this morn, Lincoln Bjorkman, who moved up to the big chair as CCO of Digitas North America three-and-a-half years ago, will join Wunderman effective Nov. 11 and report to Wunderman chairman and CEO Daniel Morel. In his new role, Bjorkman will oversee the creative efforts of 60 offices in 170 countries for clients including Coke, Shell, Land Rover, Microsoft, Nokia, and Dell among others. According to the Wunderman camp, Bjorkman is only the second global creative director in Wunderman’s history. London’s Steve Harrison first served in the role (2006-2007). Anyhow, the unicorn whisperer that is Tony Weisman, CEO of DigitasLBi North America, reflects for a bit on Bjorkman’s departure below:

“Lincoln Bjorkman shared with me that after ten remarkable years with us, he has decided to leave DigitasLBi for another agency. He will be with us for a couple of more weeks.

What to say, what to write.

When I look for writing inspiration, I often pull up Lincoln’s famous emails. Each shares a piece of news worth writing about. Each written with an artful dose of humor that brings smiles across our faces. Each frothy with authenticity and love for the subject. Each uniquely Lincoln.

I won’t talk about Lincoln’s credentials. They stand like skyscrapers on their own. And, anyone who knows Lincoln knows well that the very last thing he likes to do is praise himself. He much prefers giving the warm spotlight to others. Again, uniquely Lincoln.

Instead, I simply want to say thanks to our resident gentleman, soulful writer, exceptional creative talent, music lover, tireless perfectionist, rock star manager, artist, a tennis player with an awesome forehand, and champion of our formidable creative team that he helped build, nurture and grow. I want to thank Lincoln for making “the work, the work, the work” at the center of why we come to the office every day. I want to thank Lincoln for elevating our creative muscle earning us award-winning, record breaking  creative streaks.

Lincoln, you crushed it at DigitasLBi. We’re just sayin’.

Our very, very best to you.

Tony Weisman
CEO, North America”