Here Are Some Scary Non-Halloween Spots

By Patrick Coffee 

Since today is Halloween, we’ve seen a fair number of themed ads and other such clickable “content” produced by our agency friends. We know how picky our readers are, so we’d like to highlight some of the most horrifying work we’ve received this week that has absolutely nothing to do with ghosts, goblins or big-name candy clients.

First: this “Employee Appreciation Day” spot from Canada’s Union Advertising  isn’t related to Halloween, but it is frightening because, like the best horror movies, it’s only a slight exaggeration of reality.

More information/creative credits here. Moving along…

Does anyone see a trend developing with Canadian agencies and their ridiculous/offensive self-promo stunts?

Toronto’s john st. would like to propose your new least favorite buzzword: “reactvertising.”

File that one under “So Straight-Faced and Believable That It’s Frightening.”

Finally, from Atlanta independent shop breensmith comes a spot for a client unfamiliar to us. We’re including it here because there’s only one thing that could possibly be more terrifying than a middle-aged man dressed as a clown: that clown with a corporate job.

Now show us your scarier spots.