HelloFlo Releases ‘Postpartum: The Musical’

By Erik Oster 

Hello Flo teamed up with production company Senza Pictures to release a mockumentary ad about a woman who creates “Postpartum: The Musical” to promote their newest product, the “New Mom Kit.”

The online spot follows Hello Flo’s irreverent ads for its tampon subscription service, “First Moon Party” and “Camp Gyno.” Given the viral success of those videos, it’s no surprise to see the brand taking a similar approach to promote its new offering. Things get graphic (and gross) pretty quickly with the author of the musical describing her bloody, cracked nipples and just keep on from there, serving a dual function as an effective form of birth control. She continues describing the untold horrors of motherhood as we get glimpses of her musical, which, of course, is awful. The problem with humor about bad musicals is you have to sit through the music, although the spot is not completely without amusing moments. Still, “Postpartum: The Musical” pales in comparison to its predecessors, also because the product integration here feels so forced. (When she is told about the product her “completely groundbreaking” musical suddenly seems “completely irrelevant.”)

The creative team behind the new spot is also different from “First Moon Party” and “Camp Gyno.” For those spots, Hello Flo teamed up with Jamie McCelland and Pete Marquis, who both wrote and directed the ads. This time around, CEO Naama Bloom told Adweek, she once again reached out to the pair but timing issues prevented another collaboration. “It was really scary to do something without them because I have so much faith in their ability to tell my brand’s story,” she told the publication.


Client: Hello Flo
Production Company: Senza Pictures
Writer: Sara Saedi
Producer: Brandi Savitt
Casting: Wulf Casting
Music, Lyrics: Found Objects
Director of Photography: Mark Schwartzbard
Editor: David Fishel
Art Director, Wardrobe: Ally Nesmith
First Assistant Director: Lenny Payan
Production Coordinator: Julia Brady
Hair, Makeup: Rebecca Levine
Script Supervisor: Leslie Zak
Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Theis
Assistant Camera: Cory Stambler
Gaffer: GT Womack
Key Grip: Ben Hunt
Sound Mixer: Wil Masisak
Boom Operator: Matt King
Assistant Art Director: Nelson Mestril
Production Assistant: Jordan Bush