Hell Hath No Fury Like An Employee Annoyed

By SpyWriter 

We hear that The VIA Group out in Portland, the agency behind those sexy new Maidenform advertisements does some things just to keep up appearances.

A tipster sent us a nice little email-

“despite our constant claim–on the site (vianow.com), in every press release, and in every pitch we do–that we have “offices in Boston and New York,” the fact is that we have NEVER, EVER had a New York office. Not ever. (We just have a phone number.) And the Boston office was mothballed last year. Chalk the tactic up to management’s native Mainer insecurity, I guess. Also, I guess that for our bullying sports-dad ECD Greg Smith (quoted in all the recent articles), the fact that VIA is his first job in advertising–no, I’m not making this up–kind of enhances his need to make the place seem bigger…even if it’s only for pretend.”

Their website doesn’t list a Boston office or contact and earlier the New York contact number was being answered by an automated service that directs you call the Portland office for immediate assistance.

I think it’s safe to say that said employee thinks these tactics being used to impress perspective clients are ridiculous. How many of you agree?

The tipster was also curious to know if other agencies do this kind of stuff. And the answering is very plainly, Yes. Some agencies have “offices” in other cities or countries that are nothing more than just a contact number often times with a consultant that lives in the area.

All is fair in love and war, and advertising. Right?