Heineken, W+K Amsterdam Drop the Ball with ‘Best of Heineken Dropped’

By Erik Oster Comment

For the past four months Heineken and W+K Amsterdam have been giving men (because apparently if women drink Heineken, they really don’t give a shit) the opportunity to test their resourcefulness and wits in a reality-style web series by dropping them, blindfolded, in select locations.

To conclude this self-described “brand experiment” Heineken and W+K have put together the “Best of Heineken Dropped.” Unfortunately, the presentation wasn’t so well thought through.

I understand the need to want to narrate the adventures in “Best of Heineken Dropped,” but they really could have found a better way to do it than the annoying song telling the stories of the “Dropped” participants. The song is by one of “Dropped” participants, Murray, an Irishman from the Phillipines double drop, although that’s not mentioned in “Best of Heineken Dropped.” It’s basically just a repetitive verse with lyrics (including lots of cringe-worthy rhyming) changed for each “Dropped” participant’s story. The song is so uninteresting and obnoxious that it makes you want to zone it out, defeating the purpose of it narrating the “Dropped” men’s stories, and taking away from the occasionally interesting footage. By not mentioning the connection to the “Dropped” series they lose out on any gain from using Murray’s music (Do they really assume we’ve seen every “Dropped” episode?), so what’s the point? Simple voice-over narration explaining where each participant went and what they did would be much more effective, and not make me want to kill Heineken.