Heineken and Publicis Dive Into Urban Planning for New Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

Since winning the global Heineken business just over a year ago, Publicis’ various offices have created a variety of ads for the beer giant (which recently stopped working with Droga5).

There was the one celebrating San Francisco’s city lights, the one where Benicio Del Toro had to remind people that he’s famous, the one where everyone tried and failed to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the one where the brand pranked a bunch of soccer fans … you get it.

None of these ads had a whole lot to do with beer, and the same is true for Heineken’s latest effort, which seems to be the next chapter in the Publicis-driven “Cities” series.

In this case, Heineken wants to inspire people to Make [Insert Country Here] Great Again, one neighborhood at a time.

This series of events seemed like a completely accidental Rube Goldberg machine that somehow led to a good time for all. Magnets: How do they work?

But it’s part of Heineken’s #ShapeYourCity campaign. A quick hashtag search seems to reveal that the effort started with Heineken Nigeria, which encourages followers to submit their own ideas for cool urban planning projects.

From the copy: “Have you ever felt like changing something in your city but you thought that a small effort wouldn’t count? Heineken believes that even the smallest acts of shaping add up and can inspire others.”

Here’s one example:

We’ve yet to confirm which Publicis office worked on this campaign.