Heat Synchronizes for Control4

By Erik Oster 

San Francisco agency Heat, fresh off their recent “Madden: The Movie,” launched a new digital campaign for home automation system company Control4 with three 30-second spots.

Aimed at showing the benefits of Control4, each spot shows how users can prepare for “Bedtime,” “Date Night” or “Gametime” with the touch of a button. In “Bedtime,” for example, a mother tucks her daughter into bed and then presses a button on the wall. This causes the lights to slowly fade, shades to shut, television to shut off, garage to close and doors to lock. “Gametime” and “Date Night” employ a similar approach, showing how Control4 can automate everything you need to get ready to watch the big game or, you know, get it on. It’s a direct and straightforward approach, but breaks slightly from category conventions by emphasizing the practical benefits of Control4 rather than the security aspect. The spots roll out as pre-roll ads today and will run through the end of the fall.

“Our ultimate goal with the latest campaign was to capture how easy it is to have simple control of everything in your home with Control4, and Heat was really able to understand and articulate our needs with these new spots,” said Control4 senior vice president, marketing Susan Cashen. “The work conveys the heavy impact our product has on your daily life, but by keeping the content light it allows viewers to feel exactly how we want them to feel about our product — comfortable, safe, and in control of their home..”


Chairman/Executive Creative Director: Steve Stone
Creative Directors: Jeff Guenther and Ken Hall
Art Director: Naomi Duckworth
Copywriter: Zac Maricondia and Mary Unger (freelance)
Director of Production: Brian Coate
Producer: Kami Shallenberger
Account Director: Megan Robershotte
Account Manager: Colin McKenzie
Business Affairs: Julie Petruzzo
Heat Interns: Kate Lehman, Henry Callander, Ethan Rechtschaffen

Production Company:  Heat
Director: Cliff Traiman
Producer: Kami Shallenberger
AD: Rachel Caproni
Art Department/Props: Jona Tochet

Editorial Company: Beast
Editor: Blake Bogosian
Assistant Editor: Brandy Troxler
Executive Producer: Tracy Coleman
Post Supervisor: Vickie Sornsilp

Visual Effects Company: Beast
Producer: Vickie Sornsilp
Artists: Spencer Seibert
Color Correction:  Beast
Colorist: Dave Burghardt
Audio Facility: One Union
Engineer: Joaby Deal