Havas New York Wants You to ‘Make Your Favorite Cold Drinks’ with Keurig Kold

By Erik Oster 

Havas Worldwide New York launched a campaign for Keurig, introducing the brand’s new Sodastream-like Keurig Kold.

Havas worked with Brand New School and director Chris Dooley on the 30-second spot, entitled “Make Your Favorite Cold Drinks.” Opening with a shot of the machine and a finger pressing a large “Keurig Kold” button and making a fresh batch of Coca-Cola. As its title implies, the launch spot hits the Coca-Cola brands selling point hard, showing logos of many of the brands available, interspersed with pops of colorful graphics and shots of the machine in action before concluding with a voicover announcing, “All your favorites with a push of a button.” The ad keeps things simple, yet attention-grabbing with its fast-paced montage, appropriate enough for a product launch. Some of the more inventive shots involve exploding ice cubes and a 50-foot photobubble filled with balloons. 

“Developing the look for a new product launch is simultaneously exciting and challenging,” said  Dooley. “It’s that rare opportunity to help create the first impression of the brand, so it needs to have a strong perspective and be filled with memorable and iconic moments. From the outset, I was keenly aware that I would be tasked with giving this product a voice and a visual personality.”