Havas London’s Celebrates a Child’s First Flight in Heathrow Airport’s Debut Broadcast Ad

By Erik Oster 

Havas London launched the first ever broadcast campaign for Heathrow Airport with the 90-second spot “The First Flight.”

“The First Flight” tells the undeniably story of a 5-year-old girl named Harriett’s first trip to Heathrow Airport. Set to the David Bowie song “When I Live My Dream” (from his 1967 debut), the spot follows Harriett through the airport, owl-shaped bag in tow, aviator hat and swimming goggles on her head. Unlike W+K New York’s “No Bag Left Behind,” for Delta in 2014, which similarly features a young girl’s animal shaped bag, the focus isn’t entirely on the luggage bag, although it’s certainly a scene stealer. 

The spot does an admirable job of communicating the childlike wonder of flight that adults take for granted, with more than a little help from the inspired music choice. Outsider’s Dom and Nic directed the spot, giving the mood and pace the right touch to capture Harriett’s excitement and wonder at her first trip to the airport — even if you could argue that it could have been accomplished in 60, rather than 90, seconds.

The spot rolled out on social media today and will make its U.K. broadcast on Thursday. Supporting the effort is a contest with Qantas asking participants to share Heathrow Airport memories for the chance to win one of 70 trips to Australia.



Client: Heathrow Airport
Agency: Havas London
Executive Creative Director: Ben Mooge
Creatives: Barnaby Packham, Daniel Bolton
Group Business Director: Caroline Saunders
Senior Account Director: Julia Mahoney
Agency Producer: Kiri Carch
Assistant Producer: Femi Ladi
Production Company: Outsider
Directors: Dom and Nic
Producer: John Madsen
Director of Photography: Alex Barber
Editing: Ed Cheesman, Final Cut
Post: The Mill
Sound: Antony Moore, Factory