Havas Adds Up 2008

By SuperSpy 

All in all, Havas has reported some good numbers for 2008. The company managed to beat forecasts largely due to cost control and some client gains. Havas wants us all to know that it was the first time ever that the company had hit a net income of more than 100 million euros.

Despite all that, we all know that Arnold is a bit of a problem. Havas is trying to course correct the unit with the restructuring that unites Euro RSCG and the Arnold operations under a new entity to be headed up by Euro RSCG chief executive David Jones.

Meanwhile, Chairman Vincent Bollore kept his mouth shut about 2009 forecasts and also about Havas making an open play for Aegis. His only statement was that the company “seems to be in good hands.” Oh Bollore. You are just chomping at the bit to snap Aegis up, aren’t you?

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