Harley Davidson Looking for New Agency?

By SpyWriter 

Rumor has it that Harley Davidson is looking for a new agency.

Directly from an AS tipster:

“Harley-Davidson is “quietly looking around.” Can’t say I blame them … they’ve been with the same agency for 20+ years. In the last year, their stock price has dropped from 75 to 35, sales are tanking and HOG (their NYSE ticker symbol) has become a favorite of short-sellers. But more telling is Harley having hired an outsider CMO in the past year, so it’s not surprising that he would want to change things up if they’re not working, which they don’t appear to be. You can only market Harley’s to baby boomers for so long, before they start turning in their bikes for AARP cards.”

Wonder what tricks Carmichael Lynch has up there sleeves to keep this client.