Hard Mountain Dew Asks Aliens to Abduct the Beverage

By T.L. Stanley 

Aliens, perennial stars of sci-fi flicks and unscripted TV shows, are having a moment in advertising, inspiring everything from promos for Curb Your Enthusiasm to campaigns for Kentucky tourism, MoonPie, Squarespace and Apartments.com, to name a few.

The latest effort comes from Hard Mountain Dew Baja Blast, which aims to speak directly to extraterrestrials by leaving a pallet of hooch in the Arizona desert with the following message attached: Please abduct these flavored malt beverages (and, presumably, drink them).

The stunt, which is being live-streamed on the brand’s YouTube channel, coincides with today’s “holiday” called Alien Abduction Day. And its strategy is simple, per the brand, which claims to be “offering our alien visitors an example of peak human innovation guaranteed to get us on their good side.”


The marketer has built a “beam up” site in a remote area called The Phoenix Lights, “near the home of one of the most witnessed and documented mass UFO sightings in modern history.”

Creatures from outer space will be able to find the site by its UFO landing pad, custom-created graphics and easy-to-follow bullseye pointing to the 100 mixed packs of booze. (To extend the joke, some fans who tune into the YouTube feed might win a piece of related swag—a tinfoil-inspired bucket hat).

Hard Mountain Dew’s blast off zone to guide the aliens.

The brand extension of flagship Hard Mountain Dew, breaking out of its Taco Bell roots and joining the lineup as a regular offering this year, has been in marketing overdrive lately. Among its high-profile tactics was a Super Bowl spot starring Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman in a mini-Parks & Recreation reunion.

Imprint was the experiential agency behind the alien abduction campaign, with Golin providing PR.