‘Happy Holidays’ from GSD&M Idea City and Friends

By Bob Marshall 

To celebrate the season of giving (as well as dropping BMW from their client roster), GSD&M Idea city and its Austin, Texas friends are wishing the nation “Happy Holidays” from the state’s capital.

Idea City’s website features a map of Austin where users can click different points of interest in the city, popping up a video with a smiling well-wisher on location. It’s like being at South by Southwest, only without the vacationing East Coast douchebaggery that the festival draws to its many venues. Take a trip to 6th street, where the live music capital of the world is centered. If music isn’t your thing, head south the Bird’s Barbershop and watch a guy get a Mohawk.
Or, there’s always Texas Memorial Stadium, where Longhorns fans stay ever-vigilant despite the Big 12’s slow deterioration with the departures of Colorado and Nebraska.


Now, it’s easy to make fun of these people are their friendly, sunny dispositions. But, if you’ve ever been to Austin, you know this isn’t just a show for the cameras. The place is full of nice folks dedicated to the arts and keeping Austin weird. BMW truly didn’t belong there.