Hahn Beer Looks Expensive to Make

By Bob Marshall 

Never had Hahn beer? Well, it’s apparently quite a big deal in Australia, where it’s been in business for 25 years.

This new TV spot for Hahn Superdry comes from Aussie agency Publicis Mojo and is directed by Emmy-winner Tom Kuntz. Yes, that Tom Kuntz, who’s recently been behind lens for award-winning campaigns for Old Spice and Skittles. So, if you notice a little Kuntz’ absurd humor and cry “ripoff,” you shut your trap, you hear?

Q: How do you make Superdry beer? A: With a super factory. The director who’s helped define an age of television advertising where going viral is as important as making something that looks whimsical on an HDTV just doesn’t seem to miss, and he hits it out of the park yet again. So, while you might never have heard of Hahn beer before in the states, you will soon. Credits after the jump.

Executive Creative Director: Micah Walker
Strategy: Graham Ritchie, Nicole Milward
Writer: Justine Armour
Art Director: Ruth Bellotti
Agency Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Group Account Director: Deanne Constantine
Agency: Publicis Mojo Sydney

Director: Tom Kuntz
Producer: Scott Kaplan
Editor: Gavin Cutler @MacKenzie Cutler
Visual Effects: Eight VFX
Sound Design: Simon Lister @Nylon Studios
Music Supervisor: Karl Richter @Level 2
Production: MJZ