Ha: Looks Like Thompson Reuters Used Bloomberg Screens in This Ad

By Matt Van Hoven 

“When you can spot a trend in the market while it’s still a blip, you have knowledge to act,” reads a print ad for Thompson Reuters, a news organization which counts as a competitor Bloomberg. An astute tipster noticed that the screen on the top right of the ad is actually displaying what appears to be Bloomberg content. Yeah, it’s pretty blurred, but the black, white and orange are &#151 according to the tip &#151 exactly like Bloomberg’s.

Not only that, but apparently the four-screen set up is something the company is known for as well, so there’s that. You know how these things go &#151 some designer is told to find an image and the client is too busy to really pay attention to the details. And then, WHAM! you’re promoting your biggest opponent without even realizing it. Then again, who’d even notice? Sorry for saying, tipster, you’re much too astute.

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