Guest Review: ‘So Good It’s RiDQulous’

By Kiran Aditham 

Arnold’s Roger Baldacci returns with his bi-weekly ad critiques, this time tackling Dairy Queen’s new ad campaign. Wait, isn’t that the same guy from the Edge shave gel work? Whatever the case, the floor is yours, Roger.

Old-fashioned shaving bunnies. Kittens in bubbles. Fencing with your future self. Magic turnaround pants. Towel ninjas. Guitar that sounds like dolphins. Flaming rainbows.

The new campaign for Dairy Queen touting their “RiDQulously” good milk shakes, Blizzards and birthday cakes is just, well, kind of RiDQulous. I can see it now:

Client: “We need a viral internet sensation. And tons of Facebook likes.”
Agency: “Have you seen the Old Spice work?”
Client: “No, why?”
Agency: “Nothing. Never mind.”

DQ is not the first brand to pay homage to the now ubiquitous “Old Spice type” (patent-pending) humor and they certainly won’t be the last.  But humor isn’t just about forcing a whacky spokesperson into zany, RiDQulous scenarios. It’s about smart, comedic writing.

But as much as this loopy, mostly un-funny trend irks me, it’s actually a very good thing for the industry. Just look at where we were not too long ago: “Nupe It With Nuprin.” “My Doctor Said Mylanta.”

So while big crappy CPG brands may sink to new comedic lows, they at least elevate the possibilities for all of us to do great work. They should be applauded for not just cramming all the focus-group mandated RTBs in the first seven seconds. Which is why today, you’ve got facial soap, laundry detergent and roll-on deodorant winning at international award shows.

While I’m not a big Facebook fan of this work, I’m grateful that they put themselves out there and produced it. I hope it works RiDQulously well for them.