Guest Review: Intel – ‘Museum of Me’

By Kiran Aditham 

Arnold’s Roger Baldacci returns with his bi-weekly ad critiques, this time venturing through Intel’s “Museum of Me,” which was created by Japanese shop Projector, Inc. and serves as “a visual archive of your social life.” Your turn to play curator, Roger.

If only someone would invent a museum where you could go to it wearing nothing but your Xbox boxer shorts, a faded Boston Bruins t-shirt and you could drink a Bud Light Lime while looking at works of art that’s all about you.

Intel’s Museum of Me is just that, and more. For the record, I’m not suggesting I drink a girlie beer like Bud Light Lime, that was totally just an example. The Museum of Me is the perfect Facebook app because that’s what Facebook is all about, isn’t it? Bragging to all of your “friends” about all of your “accomplishments.” Look at me! I had steak this weekend! We picked strawberries! My son just peed his pants, isn’t that cute?! I just made out with a stripper, who only dances exotically to pay for her cosmetology degree, in TC’s lounge! Again, these are just examples.

Look, I don’t even know what the hell Intel is selling here. The Core i5 processor? Is that something I can get at Best Buy or Walmart? So while I don’t understand what the product does and am too lazy/hungover to look it up, the Museum of Me does make me think highly of Intel for putting out such a contemporary, relevant branding device.  If I were in the market for a Core i5 processor, I would totally buy an Intel Core i5 processor even if my neighbor recommended another Core i5 processor from another company because his cousin works there.

The production of “my” museum was amazing—from the music to the environments to the robots assembling my profile picture at the end. I only wish there were more interesting (hotter) people (girls) looking at the stuff in my museum instead of the stoic people, like the older guy with the ponytail. If Facebook had a “love” button, I would click it. Well done, Intel. You’ve sold me on whatever it is you make.