GS&P Introduces ‘The Personalized Anti-Trump Ad Generator’

By Erik Oster 

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is all in against GOP presidential candidate/fact check hater/climate change denier/Hannity caller Donald Trump. After launching “Our President” back in July and the similarly-minded “Accomplishments” last month, Jeff Goodby and company once again set their sights on taking the narcissistic candidate down a peg with “The Personalized Anti-Trump Ad Generator.”

Presumably the last in the line of political efforts from the agency, the latest effort is more or less self-explanatory. The video features a series of Trump’s more infamous moments, full of misogyny, racism and, in the case of the Access Hollywood clip, an actual major party candidate for president bragging about committing sexual assault on tape. In the promotional sample provided by Rich Silverstein, the video ends with the message “I refuse to vote for Donald Trump because I have to much respect for:” and lists “women, people with disabilities, & the people of Mexico” before signing off with “I’m Rich Silverstein and I approve this message,” echoing the common campaign ad refrain.

Viewers are then invited to visit, where they can customize their own video. To accomplish this, users select from a list of groups which The Donald has insulted or disrespected over the course of his self-promotional tour presidential campaign, selecting three from the following list (we’re sure they missed a couple): “Foreign Relations,” “The People of Syria,” “Muslims,” “The People of Mexico,” “The Military,” “Women,” “People with Disabilities” and “The Environment.”

The approach of the video itself, using Trump’s own words (the best words) against himself, is a similar tactic to the one often taken in pro-Clinton campaign ads, such as “Role Models.” Allowing users to personalize the video makes it all the more sharable while underscoring the point that Trump’s offensiveness so often crosses the line from the political to the personal. Just don’t be surprised when your racist uncle un-friends you.