GSD&M Sends Avocados Back to the Super Bowl, Into Space

By Erik Oster 

Following its surprise hit last year, GSD&M is taking Avocados From Mexico back to the Super Bowl with its “#AvosInSpace” campaign centered around a 60-second big game spot. 

The ad opens with a tour guide saying “Behold the bounty of Earth” while showing a group of aliens around a spaceship filled with human artifacts. He opens with “The Cube of Rubick,” which he describes as “simple puzzle…considered unsolvable by the humans.” Subsequently he shows the tour a torture device (actually seating from a commercial device), emoji, and more. There are a lot of small jokes sprinkled throughout the lighthearted spot, such as when the guide flippantly says “They had Chia pets, just like we do” or references “the white and gold dress that caused the civil war.”

It’s a strange enough approach that it should be able to capture viewers attention, with small details to keep them watching until the guide finally points out the avocado tree, pointing out a bonus that comes with the price of admission. In addition to the spot, the campaign also includes a site offering visitors the chance to win a one-year supply of avocados and a trip to Mexico. 

Avocados From Mexico director of brand marketing Kevin Hamilton told Adweek that after the success of the brand’s big game spot last year, it was an easy decision to return for a sophomore effort. “We poured a lot more into the ad in terms of time and budget this year,” he added. “We really wanted to create something that was a bit over the top in terms of creative treatment.”