Grok Introduces AZO Bladder Control

By Erik Oster 

Independent advertising agency Grok is launching a new campaign for AZO Bladder Control featuring a national television ad and digital, which will roll out May 19th.

The 15-second spot is relatively straightforward, utilizing light humor in the form of three women mapping out bathroom locations before leaving the house. While not exactly a joy to watch, it’s short and to the point,  playing off the idea that bladder control issues can cause anxiety over the need to run to the rest room. It also introduces the product as a “safe, drug free” method of bladder control and gels with the “Go Less. Worry Less.” tagline.

“We wanted the campaign to speak to women who face this issue and who are not ashamed to take control,” explained Jane Wadler, senior vice president of marketing at i-Health. Stick around for credits after the jump.


CEO: Julie Bauer

CCO: Tod Seisser

CCO: Steve Landsberg

Art Director: Eric Lee

Agency Producer: Bob Shriber

Director: Paul Riccio

Production Company: Sandwick Media

Editorial: Hooligan