Greyhound Ends “Peaceful” Campaign After Passenger Beheaded

By Matt Van Hoven 

In case you hadn’t yet heard, a man was decapitated while riding a Greyhound bus in Canada last week. And as much as we’d like to go into other details about that, we’re not going to.

The long and short of it is that a man riding the bus repeatedly stabbed the passenger next to him with a large knife. When the bus stopped and everyone got off, screaming, the killer then cut off the victim’s head. He carried it to the front of the bus to show everyone. You can’t make this stuff up.

Nonetheless, AgencySpy learned today that Greyhound has decided to remove any traces of their most recent ad campaign (which highlighted how chill it is to ride a bus, compared to driving oneself). To make matters (accidentally) worse, the work touted this copy, “There’s a reason you’ve never heard of ‘bus rage.'”

Uh, we’re pretty sure this guy was out to prove the campaign wrong. Mission accomplished.

A copywriter, somewhere is eating his words this week. Anyway, the campaign had already ended, and apparently only a few posters remained. Company officials said any left-over posters were being taken down as soon as possible. Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners Edelman have been Greyhound’s AoR since March, 2007 (thanks ZachO).

Note from a commenter: “The last two times I took the Greyhound; From Chicago to Washington DC in the 1960s, I woke up to a guy masturbating beside me. In the DC Greyhound terminal in the 1970s I had the breakfast I had just ordered thrown in my face. When I complained to the security guard he said I should not have gone into the cafeteria. I am glad I didn’t press my luck.”