Grey N.Y. and Gillette Can Turn You Into a Super Spy

By Patrick Coffee 

So as you’re all aware, Procter & Gamble pulled a little consolidation move this spring by sending all of its shaving brands to Grey (BBDO had been working on multiple brands for years and launched the Venus line). The agency, however, first won Gillette back in 2013 and has been creating related campaigns since then.

As you’re also aware, there’s a new James Bond movie coming next month–and Grey’s first global TV/movie tie-in campaign connects the consumer experience to what one might call “Bond Moments.” From the release: “Gillette brings out the 007 in every man.”

Here’s the long spot, which went online last week but amazingly hasn’t earned P&G much in the way of media coverage. Take a look at the size of this budget!!

The release says that “Gillette celebrates the moments in every man’s life where he feels in control and confident,” like jumping out of planes and escaping explosions on motorcycles and getting into fistfights with Zangief from Street Fighter 2. Of course, like Daniel Craig himself, this guy always manages to do so with a freshly-shaven face.

The quotes are all from Ian Fleming, who has been dead for 60 years and would probably be shocked by his own continued influence on our popular culture.

Despite that aforementioned lack of media coverage, the shorter version of the spot has been getting some attention on broadcast and YouTube, reminding us that Gillette doesn’t just “troll” its competitors with sponsored tweets.

On a side note, we do hope the new movie is better than the last two because wow, Sam Mendes is boring.