Grey London Makes Things Less Awkward in New Scope Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

U.K. charity Scope and its creative shop Grey London still want to end social awkwardness… and by that we don’t mean the uniquely British form of what we call “casual conversation.”

In the agency’s May 2014 ad for the client, the awkwardness of it all stemmed from the fact that the object of one guy’s affections at a local bar happened to be deaf.

The latest chapter of the “End the Awkward” campaign launched this morning in order to celebrate “International Kissing Day,” which we definitely did not know to be a thing. The twist is, again, that one of the individuals involved in each kissing incident happens to be disabled.

Another twist: all three of the pairs in this ad are real-life couples, each of which stands to prove that the process of interacting with disabled people doesn’t have to be weird.

The campaign was inspired by a survey finding that only seven percent of British people who participated in the poll had dated or even flirted with a disabled person. The message, of course, is that those who face physical challenges every day thanks to such conditions have the same needs and desires as the rest of us.

That said, such couplings do sometimes have unintended consequences:

Credits via Little Black Book Online:

Creative Agency: Grey London
Account Management: Bill Scott, Sophie Fredheim, Fay Taylor
Assistant Producer: Talia Shear
Creatives: Lex Down and Jamie Starbuck
Deputy Executive Creative Director: Vicki Maguire
Head of Production: Glenn Paton
Planner: Matt Tanter, Mike Alhadeff

Music and Sound
Sound Design: Sam Ashwell @ 750mph

Post Production / VFX
Post Production House: ETC
Production Company
Production Company: Academy
Producer: Luke Goodrum
DOP: Justin Brown
Director: Nabil