Grey Berlin Enlightens Europe’s Darkest Town for Lunative

By Erik Oster 

Grey Berlin launched a new campaign for Lunative, introducing the brand’s electroluminescent clothing to Tromsø, Norway, Europe’s darkest town.

Among those profiled by Grey Berlin and director Peter Dietrich are a death metal band, a Russian fisherman, two beat cops, a retired couple and a parish priest. The citizens appreciate Lunative’s clothing as a means of dealing with town’s three months of “polar night.” One member of the death metal band even jokes that it makes him feel like playing something lighter, like a ballad. Exploring the locale makes sense for the brand, as it illustrates the benefits of electroluminescent clothing , and Dietrich is able to coax some charming little portraits out of the footage.


“If you need to survive a long dark winter, it makes sense to wear this kind of clothing,” said the director. “We took that very sensible idea and gave it an ironic twist. Our intent was to prove that long, dark, Scandinavian winter nights feel shorter when you’re you are wearing glowing gear. Our approach was to blend suspense, mystery and humor. Visually, it is a mix of strong, cinematic images and a documentary style of shooting.”


CLIENT: Lunative
TITLE: Tromsø Enlightened
AGENCY: Grey, Berlin.
Executive Creative Director: Oliver Handlos
Director: Peter Dietrich,
Director of Photography: Michael Multhoff
Executive Producer: Mandy Kothe
POST: Harvest Digital Agriculture
Editor: Marko Strihic
Colorist: Swen Linde
2D Artist: Axel Schmidt
MUSIC: MOKOH Music / Nine O’clock Music
Composer/Sound Designer: Stephan Moritz
Sound Designer:Torben Brüggemann