Greenpeace Takes P&G/Head & Shoulders Protest Straight to Saatchi & Saatchi

By Erik Oster 

GP0STO9ANThis Wednesday we brought you news of Greenpeace’s campaign exposing Procter & Gamble’s destructive palm oil sourcing practices in Indonesia and calling on the company to change their ways with a “Thank You, Mom” referencing video and a protest at P&G’s Cincinnati headquarters.

Now, Greenpeace has taken the campaign to Saatchi & Saatchi, who advertise the company’s Head & Shoulder’s product (which Greenpeace has chosen as a prime target). “Saatchi and Saatchi have spent years understanding how the public thinks. They’ll know that P&G’s customers want to wash away dandruff without wiping out tigers. So who better to advise it to break its ties with forest destruction?” said Richard George, forests campaigner at Greenpeace UK.

Greenpeace volunteers set up a division lobby at Saatchi & Saatchi’s London offices today, forcing staff arriving at the office to choose between a “Protect Forests” entrance and a “Destroy Forests” entrance. While workers arrived, Greenpeace volunteers kept tallies on which entrances they chose, with 163 workers choosing the “Protect Forests” entrance and 48 opting for “Destroy Forests.” A Greenpeace volunteer in an orangutan costume (orangutans habitats are being destroyed for the palm oil plantations that P&G uses to source their palm oil) was also on hand for the event.

“From the results of our survey, with 211 Saatchi employees passing through the division lobby and 163 choosing the ‘protect forests’ lobby, it looks as though they’re not really in favour of forest destruction after all. A lot of P&G customers feel the same way. Hopefully Saatchi’s will pass that on to their client,” George said. We’ve included Greenpeace’s “Thank You, Mom” tackling video above, in case you need a refresher. Let us know what you think of the group’s Saatchi & Saatchi office invasion in the comments section if you wish.