Gratuity, Tips, Money in the Bank and Comments

By Matt Van Hoven 

So I spent last night meandering around the AgencySpy party, talking to addies, meeting all of you who have made this site what it is. How cool is that? Some might even say, “boss” but it’s not 19xx &#151 or whenever that term was cool. But last night was.

Major props to everyone that made it out, since it takes a certain amount of risk to be seen among the ranks of the AgencySpy folk. Even SuperSpy was there (sorta). She’s a master of sneakery, so don’t think you even had a chance of spotting her.

All night I tried to get people to put tips in our web 0.0 tips box. It was cardboard, and I guess people had issues with writing secrets in public, cuz we mostly got nil. But have no fear, there’s always the web 1.5 tips box, conveniently placed on the right side of the page.

As for comments, the problem is nearly fixed (we’re assured). Before long you’ll be back to knocking the teeth out of a myriad subjects. It might feel strange at first, to dive back into the world of commenting, but we know you’re chomping at the bit to share your thoughts with us. In the meantime, keep sending us your tips, or just drop a line. Matt@mediabistro dot com & superspyin@gmail dot com. Peas.