Google Hires ‘Unemployable’ Torrence Boone

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today AdAge reports on what’s up with former Enfatico CEO Torrence Boone, whose departure from the agency was first reported by George Parker on AdScam. Boone’s taken a spot at Google as their managing director-agency development.

Parker was clear on the departure, stating, “Torrence Boone is toast after they promoted him to CHAIRMAN, in charge of ‘special projects.’ That lasted all of one month, and then they just bounced him out altogether. Gone. Fucking gone! And no one has a clue where he went.” However until today, it was unknown where he’d land.

The AdScam editor went on to call Boone unemployable due to the failed Enfatico experiment.

Part of Enfatico’s demise was due to its inability to land new clients. Despite purporting to be a one client agency, soon after its creation Dell contracted business, cutting off many planned marketing initiatives. An aside to the story is that Enfatico basically pillaged the Austin advertising community from shops like T3, GSD&M and others in order to build up “the agency of the future”. The most pressing question today is where those people will end up should the shop fold. It’s already under Y&R’s control, and Enfatico PR was just folded into Axicom, a subsidiary of Cohn & Wolfe &#151 another WPP entity.

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