Goodby Snags Agency Of The Year

By SuperSpy 

AdWeek has named Goodby, Silverstein its agency of the year. All the regular fan fare is there, but we do like how AdWeek mentions that earlier this year the seven partners of Goodby were thinking about laying off 40% of it staff after losing the Saturn account.

“I was carrying around this list of people that we would have to lay off,”

says Robson.

Yet, the shop rebounded by getting more digital, changing up some of the internal processes and focusing on bringing in new business (Hyundai, Sprint, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia). The shop ended 2007 “with $2 billion more in billings than at the end of 2006, a 14 percent increase in revenue and more than 200 new employees.”

Congrats to Goodby. For once, we’re going to agree with AdWeek. Do you? Comments? Send to the anon tip box or email us direct at agencyspy at mediabistro dot com. Sorry about that.

In the mean time, enjoy the video above. We post it because that music in the background is to perfect for our subject matter to pass up. It just perfectly captures the agency who had a tough year and yet, made good. The kid in the video is Brad Mead. Neither here nor there really, but again, that music? Almost made us tear up thinking about Robson carrying around a hit list in his pocket. Heavens.