Goodby Exposes the Future of Communication

By Michael Musco 

Oh, what is the world coming to? The face-to-face conversations between one another are everyday becoming more and more obsolete. Nobody speaks to each other anymore, not even on their cell phones, a device created for that very reason.

Well, that’s what they used to be used for. In this modern day, the mobile phone has been structured as more of a media device than, well, a phone and this campaign directed by David Shane of O Positive for Goodby Silverstein & Partners demonstrates just that.

These spots are a little exaggerated, but I bet it won’t be long before we actually are sitting right beside one another texting as opposed to using the instrument given to us at birth.

With all that said, Goodby captured a good human truth in these spots and portrayed them in an amusing way which captures the audience, in my opinion the first more than the second and gives us a little insight into the Wall-E world we are soon to be inhabiting. Feel free to view the second spot after the jump.

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