Good News, We Like it…We Swear

By Matt Van Hoven 

OK so I’ve received a few comments indicating that at least a few of you want to hear more about the good word that’s going on out there. Apparently we spend too much time on the work that’s lost that the work that’ won &#151 and the people that lose their jobs when fit hits the shan.

So we’re trying a little experiment. If your agency does something cool and you want to share it, don’t wait for your PR crew to let us know. We don’t like talking to them anyway.

We’ve given you the handy-dandy anonymous tips box on the right side of the page (if you use this option to send a link or something, be sure and let us know whodunnit), a fancy e-mail account ( and AIM and Twitter (both AgencySpy).

You’ve been sending us great tips thus far, and we love you for it. Seriously, there’s a budding bromance here, we can feel it. OK bromance is a strong word, and since there’s a lot of ladies out there, it doesn’t really apply. Anyway, y’all are the knees, so share your talent conmigo.