GoDaddy Opts for Actual Agency Help

By Kiran Aditham 

In case you didn’t get the news, after seven years of creating somewhat naughty, sometimes controversial and almost always silly advertising in-house, GoDaddy is heading in a new direction. As a result, the domain naming registrar/web-hosting company has hired Deutsch New York to handle ad efforts moving forward.

Regarding the Deutsch AOR appointment, GoDaddy SVP/CMO Barb Rechterman says in a statement, “We are teaming up with Deutsch because we think the team there ‘gets us’ and can help take Go Daddy to the next level. They understand our story and we think working with Deutsch is going to be an important step in Go Daddy’s brand evolution. Now is the time for a new era of Go Daddy advertising.”

The “new era” includes a GoDaddy marketing effort called “Inside/Out,” which was created by Deutsch NY (obviously) and is set to debut during the Olympics broadcast on NBC. The change in direction has earned the blessing of GoDaddy founder/CEO executive chairman Bob Parsons, who tells Stuart Elliott at The New York Times in a phone interview, “We’ve grown up now. We’re always going to be GoDaddy, but be GoDaddy in a different way.”

As mentioned, there was a review for GoDaddy that began with five agencies and wound down to three then the final two, though it hasn’t been disclosed yet as to who else participated.