Go Into The Wild

By SuperSpy 

Chief Edelman techonophile Steve Rubel has beaten us to the punch (what can we say – we’ve been so busy this week), in posting the spring line up of conferences available to you advertising folks. We’ve narrowed his list to the US only and added a few of our own. Conferences can be a great source of networking and stimulus. They can also just be a fabulous excuse to get out of the office and breathe a little. So, pick one. Get out a bit.

Didn’t make the TED list? Right across the street is a new conference called BIL – March 1-2, California that could be very interesting indeed. Here’s the concept:

“BIL loves TED. TED is a great place to sit and listen to interesting ideas. Many of those ideas make it online, and millions get to experience them.

The catch for many of us is that TED is $6,000, which is too expensive for most people, including a great number with good ideas worth spreading. BIL has been created as a free space for people with ideas to come together and share them.

Our event is self-organizing, emergent, and anarchic. Nobody is in charge. If you want to come just show up. If you’ve got an idea to spread start talking. If someone is saying something good, stop and listen.

We hope BIL can be a perfect match to TED.”

AAAA Media Conference & Tradeshow – March 5-7, Florida

AdAge Digital Conference – March 18-19 in New York

PSFK Conference – March 27 in New York

Ad:tech – April 15-17, San Francisco

WOMMU – May 8-9, Florida

Mediabistro Circus – May 20-21 in New York