GM Will Have You Singing This Song by EoD if it Kills Them

By Matt Van Hoven 

Chevrolet recently commissioned the song, ‘Chevy Volt and Me’, which they hope will educate folks about the benefits of electricity-powered vehicles. Our official position on this video is you won’t get the 2 minutes back, so unless you can afford to lose it, move on. Know that there’s a song about the Chevy Volt and you can access it by clicking play.

If you’re interested in the company’s rationalization, click over to the Volt blog, here. Maria Roher, GM’s director of global Volt marketing, writes that part of her company’s campaign includes youth education on the benefits of electric-powered vehicles. You call this “getting them while they’re young.”

“Chevrolet and I feel very strongly that educating our future leaders, kids, on the future of the electrification of the auto category works hand in hand,” writes Roher. “We are not only looking to sell our Volts come start of production but we are also looking to educate our youth on something that is rather new and sophisticated and quite eco minded.”

Jalopnik via GM-Volt

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