Ad/Design School Students Ask Straight Men for Their Balls (of Pride)

By Bob Marshall 

According to the folks behind this clip above, straight men are the least likely demographic to speak openly about their pro-gay values. Why? Well, they obviously don’t want to seem gay by supporting homosexual rights. Want proof? Ask a straight men if he’s pro-gay, and then ask him for a detailed explanation of his views. Odds are he’ll stammer and look around nervously, especially if you ask him while simultaneously pointing a camera in his face. It’s the sad truth and, admittedly, it can be an easy trap to fall into.

In order to get straight men to fess up to their pro-gay values, GLAAD Miami Ad School and Parsons New School of Design students are asking heteros’ girlfriends to stand up on their behalf with their “Balls of Pride” campaign for Pride Week 2011. GLAAD The students are using their Facebook page to allow women to tag their boyfriends as gay-friendly, creating a virtual ball pit that hopes to exceed 130,000 straight folks who support gay rights. Also, it sounds like they’re going to make this massive ball pit outside of the internet. Apparently, it’s going to be “a place where gay people can celebrate their sexuality in a sea of compassionate balls.” That sounds like even more fun than a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

News flash: Women find it attractive when straight men aren’t homophobic jerks. Also, gay bars can be really fun if you’re not a judgmental asshole, and they’re a great place to pick up single women. So, how about it straight guys? Do we have the balls to stand up for gay rights? Credits after the jump.

Update: A GLAAD spokesperson tells us that “this is not a GLAAD video, campaign or project. It is our understanding that it was created by an art student – without a request to use our logo and name.”

Matilda Kahl (Art Director @Miami Ad School)
Jacob Sempler (Copywriter @Miami Ad School)
Emil Tiismann (Art Director @New School of Design/Parsons)