Get in Shape with the Captain Morgan Workout

By Bob Marshall 

You may have thought that the ad world had run out of ideas featuring people dressed as pirates doing what is now known as the “Captain Morgan’s Pose.” Well, you thought wrong, as proved by this nearly three-minute “workout” video from Pereira & O’Dell and production company Station Film. Calling all captains to break a sweat.

After a few minutes of “lifting, holding and down” ourselves, we didn’t find any immediate results and only felt a slight pull in our thighs. I was telling my mom it would replace her “Jane Fonda Workouts” series, and she could finally throw out all of those old VHS tapes. I am a bad son.


But, maybe we’re doing it wrong, and had we been exercising while simultaneously taking pulls from a bottle of Captain Morgan’s, we too could feel like models or even cuter young actresses. Also, who knew that Cleveland was the place where we could “unlock the secret of tantric meditation?” Drew Carey, that’s who. Does anyone have any rum?

Credits after the jump.

Agency: Pereira & O’Dell

PJ Pereira – Chief Creative Officer

Kash Sree – Executive Creative Director

Brooke Baker – Art Director

Neil Bruce – Writer

Jason Apaliski – ACD/Art Director

Joel Kaplan – Senior Writer

Brett Beaty – Art Director

Russel Dodson – Writer

Sara Krider – Producer

Jeff Ferro – Director of Production

Joaby Deal – Sound Designer

Skylar Fogel – Account Executive

Production company: Station Film

Brendan Gibbons – Director

Stephen Orent – Managing Partner

Caroline Gibney – Partner/Executive Producer

Michael Di Girolamo – Partner/Executive Producer

Sarah McMurray – Line Producer

Stöps Langensteiner – Director of Photography

Editorial: Umlaut Films

Inome Callahan – Editor

Gina LoCurcio – Excutive Producer

Kelly Gibbs – Producer

Matt O’Donnell, Peter Geiger, Jonathan Flookes – Assistant Editors

Graphics/Animation – Laundry Design

PJ Richardson – Creative Director

Tony Liu – Creative Director

Michael Bennett – Executive Producer

Matthew Loranger – Producer