Gerry Graf Pens U.S. Soccer Fight Song

By Kiran Aditham 

Soon-to-be-gone Saatchi NY CCO Gerry Graf has World Cup fever and the end result is this pro-U.S. soccer anthem that includes such insightful lyrics as “USA, USA, Soccer is the game we play. And when you lose and we go through, you will call it Soccer too.”

According to the Saatchi camp, Graf created the video via iMovie while the song was written in two days with the creative “singing” and providing guitar, though you wouldn’t know it as it’s practically submerged under the techno-lite music. The two-minute tune is the brainchild of Graf and interactive CD James Cooper and is a reaction to how the USA is never taken seriously as a World Cup contender. The song also serves as a patriotic tie-in to the guys’ work for and the website which also involved Saatchi CD Jason Musante.

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