Interone, ADC Germany Trick People Into Undergoing a Job Interview

By Bob Marshall 

Have you ever been checking out ad work and thought “Gosh, I would really love it if I was suddenly whisked away into a Google Hangout with some random people I don’t know”? Well, fear not! ADC Germany and Hamburg-based Interone BBDO haven taken over with, well, ADC Takeover, which is the most guerrilla way to conduct job interviews ever, maybe.

As you can see in the case study above, unsuspecting browsers of all walks were surprised when an ADC boss and/or Interone ECD suddenly appeared on their screen for what was purportedly a job interview, and they were probably more surprised when the web chats seemed to quickly escalate into a game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” It even looked like the ADC team got to see some nipples, which is really the best kind of surprise if you think about it. Credits after the jump.

Michael Ohanian- CCO

Jaqcues Pense- ECD

Thomas Heinz- ECD

Roy Cohen- ECD

Christian Clawien- Copywriter

Adzoa Tsekpo- Copywriter

Claudio Burtschenko- Art Director

Pedro Americo- Art Director

Phillipp Simon- Graphic Designer

Nikolai Bockholt- Programing Manager

Maike Wendel- Accounter